Making Impact Visible

Evidencing the distribution of funds against mission driven outcomes.

Polyloop brings together strategic design, data governance and performance monitoring to maximise impact

Stakeholder and funding recipient management all in one easy to use platform.

Dynamic impact reporting bespoke to your needs. From high-level insights  to granular detail. Data dashboards and reporting in a click.

Visibility and transparency across where funds are spent and the impact they have.

Why it matters
How do we expect to make impact in the world if we can’t evidence it?


Processes are manual & outdated
Organisations are recording objectives, outcomes & indicators across 100’s of pdfs and handwritten documents, with no visibility of shared outcomes.


are Siloed

Outputs are siloed
A lack of collaboration across outputs within an organisation, let alone across multiple organisations, inhibits innovation and real change.

KPI Feedback is almost non-existent

KPI Feedback is almost non-existent
Project managers have a lack of insight into project performance, which leads to an inability to make real time decisions on spending.

Lack of

Lack of consistency
There is no standard way of writing strategies and action plans or measuring outcomes.

What's in the toolbox?
Simple, intuitive and compliant programme and plan management

Action Plans

Create a compliant digital twin of your Action Plan for live updating by partners and stakeholders.



Dynamic dashboards that show return on investment against key impact metrics and strategic alignment to other departments and organisations.  



Manage funding recipients and stakeholders with live feedback and consultation collated directly in Polyloop.



Through simple keyword search, see how your project or programme is directly linked to the outcomes of other programmes, departments or organisations.


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