• Our Vision

    A society where informed decision making creates maximum public value.


    Where better policy decisions evidently improve people's lives. 

    With every decision on public spend made without the tools, evidence, or insights required, we miss the opportunity to understand, deliver and measure public value. We believe in a community of policy makers and social innovators that drive transformation and learn from one another. 

    That’s a responsibility we take seriously.

  • Our Mission

    To connect our public systems, reduce waste and help society work together towards achieving globally important, locally relevant outcomes.

    It takes cathedral-like thinking to reduce the waste in our public system and deliver outcomes based transformational change. Our mission is to enable others to work together towards wider societal goals, helping with the management of globally complex and evolving wicked problems.

  • Our Hypothesis

    Accurately measuring throughput and output of public services will affect greater outcomes than expected and enable evaluation to be predictive rather than retrospective.

    How we’re going to do it:

    • Hire a top-tier team who all care about affecting something positive in the world

    • Develop products and services that tests

      the hypothesis

    • Work with organisations who distribute funds to deliver public services or public good

    • Move from capture, measure, show data to evaluate, learn and forecast policy outcomes

    • Build customer base into a community of policy makers, shapers and deliverers

    • Move policy evaluation in our market from retrospective to predictive

    • Be global by design

  • Our Obstacles

    We’re going up against the biggest, oldest, slowest institutions in the world, commonly known for being inefficient, bureaucratic and slow to change.

    We’ll change this by:

    • Mixing multi-disciplinary know how from engineering, policy, research, art and design to communicate and deliver groundbreaking innovation.

    • Improving speed of adoption for new ways of working in the public sector.

    • Growing our organisation sustainably; in a world where everything takes forever and venture capital can be scared off

    • Building credibility and reputation as a gold standard of the Polyloop brand

  • Our Brand Goal

    We want Polyloop to be ubiquitous with public services. We won’t stop until all policies are designed, implemented and evaluated using our products and insights.

    We’re working on this through:

    • An exceptional product that is easy to use and accessible to every citizen in the world

    • A world-leading and credible technical moat of impact data

    • A high-performing, lean team of people with an impact driven mission

    • A community of policy-makers and social innovators that make a dent in the world. 

    • A sustainable company that generates wealth alongside its social responsibility for the collective and individuals which contribute.

    • A brand value instantly recognisable by our audience with pride to be associated with us.